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Air Compressors

  • 1.What is an air compressor ?

    AstroAI car tire air pumps are pneumatic devices that use power generated by an engine to pressurize atmospheric air. The tire inflator forces more and more air into inflatables like car tires or sports equipment, increasing the object's pressure. When the compressor inflates to the preset pressure, the pump automatically shuts off.

  • 2.How to inflate tires ?

    It’s easy to inflate your tires with tire inflators or air pumps. Just connect the air compressor to its power source. Then use an air chunk to help the air hose fit on the valve stem and press it down. If you feel airflow around the valve stem, you don’t have a tight connection. Use the “+” and “-” buttons on the AstroAI Air Pump to set the proper PSI. Make sure that the preset pressure is higher than the current pressure of your tires. Run the inflator and it will shut off automatically when your tire is at optimal pressure.

  • 3.How to inflate a bike tire ?

    First, determine what your tire pressure should be. The recommended PSI range is often listed on the sidewalls of your tires. Next, you need to check to see if the air pump you use is compatible with the valve on your tires. But don’t worry, the AstroAI Air Compressor includes 6 nozzles for versatile uses. Third, place the air nozzle on the valve stem. Once the tire inflator is securely attached, begin pumping. Wait a while, and you’ll be ready to ride again!

  • 4.How to inflate a car tire ?

    First, you need to find the ideal and current PSI of your tires. The AstroAI Tire Inflator has a pressure gauge for guidance. Next, attach the hose to the compressor and the tire chuck to the end -- hard and straight-on to create a tight seal. Then preset the pressure to manufacturer-recommended settings and start pumping. AstroAI tire air pumps are automated and switch themselves off when the tire reaches the desired PSI. Repeat as necessary on the rest of your tires.

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