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Tire Gauges & Inflators

  • 1.How to read a tire depth gauge ?

    To get an accurate tread depth, make sure the gauge is zeroed-out on a flat surface. To start measuring, stick the probe into the groove and pull the gauge away from the tire and read the result. We recommend using an AstroAI Digital Tread Depth Gauge, which automatically displays a more accurate scale. The gauge includes both in/mm readings so you can choose the desired unit. Be sure to check in various locations. The tire's tread should be judged by the lowest depth you measured.

  • 2.How to read a tire pressure gauge ?

    Reading a tire pressure gauge depends on what type it is, but every kind of AstroAI Tire Gauge is easy to use. If you are using a pencil gauge, read the PSI on the measuring stick. The line where the stick stops is the corresponding pressure inside the tire. An analog gauge shows a physical reading, too. The current pressure is where the needle points. For digital gauges, just push it onto the valve stem and it will display a number on its screen.

  • 3.How to use tire pressure gauge ?

    Make sure to check the tire pressure when the tires are cold. It increases the accuracy of the reading. To check the pressure, locate the tire valve and remove the threaded cap. With your tire pressure gauge in hand, firmly press it down onto the valve stem. Simply read the indicator bar for pencil gauges, the dial for analog gauges, or the screen for digital gauges. Once you’re finished checking the pressure, carefully put the valve stem cap back on.

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