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AstroAI Teams Up with Caterina's Club to Help Offer Nutritional Food, Stable Housing, and Job Training for Families in Need

December 22nd , 2022



ANAHEIM, Calif., Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- AstroAI, an automotive and household tool supplier based in Orange County, California, announced today that it has made a donation to Caterina's Club, a charity dedicated to aiding local underserved families, especially those with children.

Caterina's Club offers aid by providing warm meals, affordable housing assistance and job training for youths. Since its inception in 2005, this nonprofit has served over 7 million meals through its "Feeding the Kids" program which delivers over 25,000 warm nutritional meals to underprivileged children each week in Orange County and beyond. Funds provided by AstroAI will help feed 1,000 families of 4.

Founded in 2005 and led by the owner of the Anaheim White House restaurant, Chef Bruno Serato, Caterina's Club runs 3 programs: Feeding the Kids in America, Welcome Home, and Chef Bruno's Hospitality Academy to provide food-insecure children with access to nutritional food, relocate struggling families into stable housing and provide career training for at-risk teenagers. To date, this organization has served over 8 million meals, helped over 255 families move into safe homes and job trained over 700 students to help them get off the streets and find jobs to break the cycle of poverty.

"As prices continue to rise, a growing number of families are having difficulty accessing basics like food and safe housing. " Said Robert Miyoshi, General Manager at AstroAI. "Growing up in and around Anaheim, I've seen Caterina's Club in our community making a difference for thousands of people. We are deeply touched and inspired by their vision, and it's a great honor to help them continue their mission of supporting needy families."

"On behalf of the children and Mamma Caterina - we are very grateful for the grant funds from AstroAI." Commented Chef Bruno Serato, founder of Caterina's Club. "With this generous donation, we can continue to further our mission of alleviating child hunger and homelessness. We wouldn't have made it this far without support from responsible enterprises like AstroAI. Their generous gestures mean a lot to hungry children and their families, especially during tough times like this. "

Giving back to the community has always been part of AstroAI's mission. To that end, AstroAI has been reinvesting profits to help people and communities in need both domestically and internationally.
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