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New Releases AstroAI Mini Fridge 6 Liter/8 Can Skincare Fridge 110V AC/12V DC Thermoelectric Portable Beauty Fridge for Beverage, Cosmetics, Bedroom, ETL Listed (Mirror & Light)

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  • Stylish mirror design: This fridge is designed with a mirror and LED lights. The dimmable LED light allows you to put your makeup on in a dim environment. Note: touch the LED button gently to turn on/off it. Press and hold the button to adjust the light’s intensity.
  • Low noise(ECO) mode: Less noise is produced in ECO mode, which saves energy and is more environmentally friendly. Low noise mode provides a quiet and easy lifestyle for you. Note: Turn the mode to ECO mode for low noise.
  • Warm mode and Cool mode: Easy to switch to warm mode and cool mode to meet your different demands for cosmetic storage. Please note that the interior temperature of the fridge will be affected by the surrounding environment under the cool mode. Cooling temperature: environment temperature-32℉(18℃). The lowest temperature of the fridge is 35.6℉(2℃), and the highest maximum temperature is 140℉(60℃).
  • Large capacity: Interior of the mini-fridge: 5.6 in*9.5 in*5.9 in. Available for 330ml *8 or 550ml*4. Your first option for masks, cosmetics, skincare products. Enjoy the mirror and light at the same time.A best gift for Christmas.
  • For home & car: Attached with two power cords(AC+DC). You can connect the compact refrigerator to a 100-120V home power supply, or you can connect to a 12V car power supply; the compact size and stylish design make the fridge appropriate for all scenes. Great for personal spaces, dorms, road trips, boating, camping, and more.

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AstroAI 6L AC/DC Power Skincare Fridge with Mirror, Perfect Mini Fridge for bedroom,Essential Complement for Your Cosmetics

Tempered glass mirror provides a clear view but isn't too fragile to break.

Cool and warm functions keep your skincare products and cosmetics fresh in all seasons.

Energy-saving mode provides a pleasant user experience!

For family and vehicles, enjoy the smart lifestyle of AstroAI!

  1. Input Voltage: 110V / 12V
  2. Power: 50W / 65W
  3. Temperature Range: Cool up to 32°F (18°C) below ambient temperature & warms up to 140°F(60°C). NOTE: The fridge is designed to keep items cold/warm. It is not designed to freeze or heat items.
  4. After use, please close the door in time and open the door fewer times to enable the mini fridge to work with maximum effect.
  5. Hot items will stay warm for several hours after the portable fridge has been turned off, provided that the door is closed properly.

  • Cool and Warm Mode

    Suitable for any products in any season. Keep your masks cool in the summer and your coffee warm in the winter; energize your life every day.

  • Tempered Glass Material

    The mirror door is adapted with tempered glass material, which is scratch-free and tough enough.Easy to clean, only need a mild cleanser or damp towel to wipe the dirt off.

  • Mirror & Light Design

    The mirror door comes with a dimmable LED light design, an excellent partner for you to apply makeup and daily skincare.

  • 6 Liter large capacity

    The fridge is available for 330ml*8 or 550ml*4. An excellent option for storing beverages and cosmetics.

  • Adjustable Shelf

    Two grooves + one removable shelf, free to adjust based on the item height. You may also remove the shelf.

  • Package Contents

    Package includes: Mini fridge*1, User manual*1, AC Power cord*1, DC Power cord*1, Removable shelf*1, Removable basket*1.


Warranty Period: 12 months

When you purchase products from our website, we will extend the warranty automatically.
you may check details on the My Warranty page after the product is delivered.

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